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GLEIPNIR are the bonds that hold the wolf Fenrir, the eldest son of Loki. The Æsir wanted to bind Fenrir, who according to the prophecy is supposed to devour the sun and Odin himself at the end of time and thus start the end of the world. Twice he allowed himself to be shackled voluntarily, and twice he freed himself from the heaviest and strongest chains. Therefore, Ódin asked the dwarves of Niðavellir to forge the bonds that would hold Fenrir. To accomplish the impossible task, they made bonds from six impossible things: the sound of a cat's walk, a woman's beard, a mountain root, a bear's sense, a fish's breath, and a bird's saliva. And though Gleipnir was as thin as a silk ribbon, yet it was stronger than the strongest steel chain. The god Tyr paid for binding the wolf with his hand, which Fenrir had bitten off. Gleipnir, however, has been binding the wolf ever since, and legend says that he will break it only when Ragnarök - the Twilight of the Gods - occurs.


GLEIPNIR BELT - a belt that, with exaggeration, resembles a ring of handcuffs is as thin as a silk ribbon and stronger than a steel chain thanks to the extremely light and extremely resistant composite that we sewed into this belt. This material, which seems to resemble Carbon Fiber, is the most modern, durable and lightest element that you simply need to have in your gear.



Dual shooting belt of a whole new generation.


The Dual Shooting Belt is currently the most effective belt an operator can use.


The outer belt consists of a special Curv® composite, which guarantees the extreme strength of the external Molle webbing, because the Molle webbing is directly part of this composite. This composite is characterized by its extreme resistance, but above all by its incredibly low weight. The composite is very durable, but also pliable and flexible and therefore guarantees complete comfort when wearing. On the inside, a rough section of Velcro is sewn for fixation with the inner belt.


Inner trouser belt in width 45mm equipped on the outside with a fine section of Velcro and an AustriAlpin aluminum pull-through buckle for the most precise size adjustment. the ladder clip from AustriAlpin is made of aluminum and therefore can never break during rough handling. The aluminum also means that the buckle is extremely light and very thin, so you can't feel it at all when in use.


Pockets and equipment can be attached to the belt in four ways.

1. Classic two rows of Molle

2. Center one Molle

3. Horizontal

4. 50mm inner hole



The Curv® Composite used is a revolutionary material of the highest quality, which combines minimum weight with maximum resistance, designed for highly stressed products and for demanding use. This composite, produced by the matrix method, is extremely strong, flexible, resistant to abrasion, piercing and/or cutting.


25mm AustriAlpin Cobra spona

25mm AustriAlpin Pull-through buckle

Size regulation approx. 20 cm

Outer Belt: 50mm Standard Mil-Spec

Inner belt: 45mm US Mil-Spec Webbing lined with Kevlar fiber

Molle binding with full 25mm gap

Weight: Outer belt (M) 150g!

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, (S and XL are made to order). We will be happy to help you choose the size.

Made in Czech Republic

The size chart is attached between the images in the gallery