Body Armour Products

Our manufacturing standards are non-negotiable:
• The highest quality construction
• The most advanced materials
• Minimal weight, consistent with safety
• Attention to detail for comfort and flexibility
• An all-consuming passion for protecting our customers

C.P.E.® is a ballistic protection, riot and training equipment manufacturing company with headquarters based in Finland and a factory also located in Prague, Czech Republic. For more than 25 years C.P.E.® has been the personal protective equipment choice for NATO forces, elite national counter-terrorism units, police and prison services across the world.

C.P.E.® is an ISO 9001, 14001 and AQAP 2110 certified company with a sterling reputation for technological superiority and top quality manufacturing. Solutions proven in real situations from -40 degrees Celsius in the Nordic region up to 55 degrees Celsius in the Middle East. That means quality!

C.P.E.® has it’s own ballistic test laboratory where R&D work to optimize protection equipment are carried out. Badge testing is also conducted to verify products comply with the highest quality and safety demands.

Our Anti Stab Tower provides the ability to continuously perform tests according to the NIJ 0115.00, VPAM KDIW, HOSDB 2007 and CAST
2017 standards for blade and spike, plus impact testing for new Riot and Training solutions.

C.P.E.® machinery includes Thermo molding technology where, among a variety of other products, C.P.E.® MV-Liner is produced. MV-liner (Molded Ventilation) is used with Riot, Training and Ballistic solutions for increased comfort. Subcontracting work is undertaken to produce inner liners for helmets along with other multiple solutions to ensure the highest quality
is met.