Plate Carriers ( C.P.E )

The need for plate carriers has increased in recent years and C.P.E.® provides a variety of solutions. Our range covers the needs from basic models to carriers for professionals.

All our plate carriers are hand made in our factory in Finland where every carrier is designed, stitched and tested for maximum durability and performance.

            We use the highest quality materials

We use only and exclusively the highest quality materials on the world market for all our products. our products stand out for their high quality and durability, which we finish with precise and high-quality sewing on branded sewing machines.

Materials for the production of our products we mainly use Cordura fabrics, most often in 500D grammage, which is the best ratio of quality and, above all, low weight.

Plastic components
Buckles and plastic components are mainly from the well-known, renowned brands from Europe and the United states.

Velcro fasteners and VELCRO
Velcro fasteners We have Velcro fasteners mainly from the brand Velcro or from other European suppliers.