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C.P.E. has developed a Ballistic Flotation vest in co-operation with a National NAVY Force. The standard level of protection for the soft panels is NIJ level IIIA. There is a pocket in front and in the back for Ballistic Insert plates in the standard size of 25*30cm, on request other sizes can be made.

The Insert plates we recommend have a 100% waterproof surface to avoid any negative effect from salt water or other liquids, and are in different protection levels depending of the threats.

The Flotation elements covers the same area as the soft level IIIA panels, that gives the user correct positive flotation effect in water regardless of the persons size or weight. The Elements are constructed to withstand hits or puncture without losingflotation capacity. Strong plastic buckles in combination with straps keep the vest connected to the body if/when the person falls in water.

The vest will keep a person in uniform wearing boots, a ballistic helmet and a weapon positive in water, and he/she should be able to use the weapon if needed. The vest has a reflective patch in front which can be covered by a flap if needed, and open if a surge operation in darkness in ongoing.
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL


Weight in size Large: 2,9kg

List of materials used:
1. Ballistic materials: Dyneema UD/ SB
2. Textile cover
           - Outside: Polyamide with PU coating 340 gr/sqm
           - Inside: 100 % Polyester spacer 320 gr/sqm 3 mm thick
           - Straps: 100 % Polyester
           - Velcro: 100 % Polyamide with coating
           - Thread: 100 % Polyester continuous filament number 30

Certificate for Flotation: EN 12402-9: 2006/A1 2011