GSCI Recognized Supplier to NATO, FVEY and GSA

Recognized Supplier to NATO, FVEY and GSA

For over 30 years GSCI Advanced Photonics has been manufacturing and supplying professional, most technologically unique Optical-Electronic systems.

We do not blend with the crowd, rather opposite - we provide the most useful, effective, reliable solutions in the form of precision-built and ruggedly tested Night Vision, Thermal Imaging and Fusion Optical Systems and OEM kits.

All our systems are made in Canada and equipped with GSCI Proprietary Patented, Patent Pending and industry-unique solutions aimed for the most scrupulous and demanding NATO, 5 Eyes Countries as well as GSA customers.

Strong knowledge, expertise and dedication are at the core of our team and enable us to create truly tough, rugged, dependable full MIL-SPEC systems designed for winners.