CG Bungee Lanyard

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G Personal Safety Lanyard / Safety strap of an individual.

This Lanyard is used for personal securing in wheeled equipment or perhaps in a helicopter.

We have used only the highest quality materials available on the planet to manufacture this Lanyard. All these materials meet Mil-Spec standards and we are proud that although this product does not have the appropriate certification, it can do its job 100%.

The body of the Lanyard is made of extremely durable Tubular strap in which rubber is sewn for sufficient elasticity. The buckle is an original buckle from the well-known manufacturer KONG in the FROG or TANGO version. This entire product is then connected by our precise sewing, which ensures the best strength properties.

  • Tubbular Webbing Mil-Spec
  • Original KONG FROG
  • Karabina: Kong Frog (Made in Italy)
  • Weight: 25oz
  • Coyote Brown color