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The Riot Shield Prison is to be used in Riot situations by prison services personnel but can also be used by police and military forces. The product has one lower arm handle and one grip handle.

The shield can be delivered with an extra handle on the top part of the shield.

Sizes and weights:

Width: 59 +/-2 cm
Height: weight
-100 cm 3,6 kg
-120 cm 4,3 kg
-165 cm 5,5 kg
-195 cm 6,3 kg

List of materials used:

-Plastic parts Polycarbonate, Lexan 4 mm thick Moulding of the front shield the moulded groove for both sides of the shield is 100 +/-10 mm wide and 35 mm +/- 5 mm deep.

-Lower Arm Handles 2 layers Polycarbonate Lexan 4 mm thick covered with
artificial leather Handle for the Grip Total width of the handle 204 mm +/-10 mm

-Total height of the handle 75 mm +/- 5 mm
Maximal inside width of the handle (measured on the part where the handle is attached to the shield): 140 mm +/- 10 mm

-Maximal inside height of the handle: 60 mm +/- 5 mm
Material: Polyamide 6
density: 1,13 gr/cm