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Police Riot suits and equipment are ONLY sold to Law Enforcement and Military agencies.

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With the global climate of civil unrest, C.P.E. has been called upon to design the next gen-eration of riot gear. Consequently, C.P.E. has
become the leading supplier of high quality riot protective gear in the world.

This equipment is lightweight, quick and simple to put on. It provides protection against kicks, blows, and impacts of clubs. It is currently being used by many metropolitan law enforcement agencies in Europe, United
States, Middle East, Asia and several NATO forces.

This gear can be provided with a flame retardant outer textile upon request, and is machine washable.

C.P.E.s Riot equipment meet International standards

In a riot situation, the chance that an officer will be hit by thrown objects or other attack weapons is very likely. We never compromise on safety and therefore C.P.E. meets the most
used standards in the world, which are:

- HOSDB The latest British standard
- BS 7971 The old British standard
- VPAM KDIW The German standard

The most used standard is the German KDIW ed. 2011 where we meet many different levels for different items such as:

-W3 for chest guard, leg guards, groin protector, thigh guard, elbow & forearm
- W4 for leg guards and elbow & forearms
- W5 for chest guards
- W3 K1 for chest guard (K1 is stab protection)
- HOSDB 2007 KR3+SP3 for the complete chest guard To meet these standard levels, high quality materials are needed to com-
ply with the demands when tests are carried out in different temperatures from minus 20 degrees to plus 70 degrees centigrade.