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Tactical Intervention QR BtacINTQR
Tac-INT-QR is our new top of the line vest when it comes to tactical vests on the market and has a unique Quick Release (QR) system and other key
details. The QR vest comes with level 3A armour, it has pockets in the front and back to add ICW plates for added protection.

The vest shown is the full set which includes the Neck Guard, Shoulder Guards and Groin protection. All the attachments are level 3A ballistic protection, the vest can be sold without the attachments or you can add the parts that you feel are necessary for your specific mission.

The outside is clean for attachment of different pouches to the MOLLE system, we can also supply the vest with laser cut MOLLE. There are pockets on the front, back and sides for insert plates. The modular design allows the user to choose the area of coverage depending on threats and mission.