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Tactical Modular- TacMod

Tactical Modular is a customizable vest with different modules allowing the operator to add on protection (upper arms, shoulder & neck, groinflap) and other
equipment when needed. We can produce the vest using customers’ personal preferences. The customer can choose from multiple different options, for
example: material of the vest, laser cut or traditional MOLLE webbing, QR-buckles or Velcro closure (see the table below). This is the most modular of our
platforms. 360 degrees NIJ IIIA panels and the insert plate pocket in the front and in the back are standard. The last adjustment of the vest for the perfect fit is done
on the back side with a strong elastic rope.

Tactical Modular Carrier (TacMod) is a sleek and versatile platform built to handle any mission. Field tested and design influenced by operators, the TacMod offers a wide range of mission-specific configurations without compromising protection, comfort or mobility. Extensive modular feature sets scale up or down with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Constructed with premium, breathable materials that are lightweight and durable, the TacMods’s innovative modular design is driven by CPE’s belief that protection should match your current mission, and the next one, CPE – confidence you can stand behind for years to come.

The TACMOD carrier comes with level IIIA panels standard wrap around armor +15J slash and spike resistant. price does not include neck guard, shoulder guards or groin protector, it can be added if that is desired.

Our TacMod carrier is the standard equipment of some of the worlds elite special operations units and high risk police intervention units, combined with our light ICW plates this carrier is the lightest tactical assault vest on the market today.

Available in Black, Green, Gray and Multicam color with Quad release systems for easy operation.

Tac modular is a customizable vest with different modules
allowing the operator to add on protection (Upper arms,
Shoulder & Neck and Groinflap) and other kind of equipment
when needed. 360 degrees NIJ IIIA panels are standard. The
Insert plate pocket in front and. The last adjustment of the vest for perfect fit is done on the back side with a strong elastic rope.
Available sizes:
S, M, L, XL, XXL


(The price does not include Upper arms,Shoulder & Neck and Groinflap)

TacMod Vest also available without the armour, contact us for price.